Located inside our office, the New Pioneers Sustainability Store features sustainable living items and local handcrafts. Gift certificates also available. Stop by Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to view our selection.


Mini Scarves  

Perfect basket stuffers! Mini scarves, hand-knitted by Education Coordinator Jane Rudnick. Get them at our Springfield office Mon.-Fri., 9-4:30, next door to the City Hall Easter Bunny. Just right for little pioneers like Susannah!




Bamboo Straws & Jute Pouches 

Say “no” to single use plastics and “hello” to reusable bamboo! Jungle Straws are handcrafted in rural Vietnam from sustainably-grown bamboo, using the entire stalk to ensure zero waste.

Biodegradable and organic. Packaged in eco-friendly jute
storage bag.



Coconut Fiber Brush
Coconut Fiber Brushes

These eco-friendly brushes (no plastic!) will help keep your reusable straws clean.


Solar Lanterns 
d.light is a global leader and pioneer in delivering affordable solar-powered solutions designed for the two billion people in the developing world without access to reliable energy.

The d.light solar lantern is a portable lighting solution for indoor and outdoor use. With
its high-efficiency solar panel,
this waterproof lantern will even charge on cloudy days.



 12 hours per full charge
 Integrated solar panel
6x brighter than kerosene
Convenient handle
LED Lights
Save money, energy, and changing nuisances! These 9.5W LED bulbs (60W incandescent replacement) produce 13 years of light when used 3 hours per day.

$4 each or 4 for $15

Handmade Pottery
We offer an assortment of expertly crafted, kiln-fired bowls and planters from local potters Albert Bauman, Anne Chaney, and
Matt Gaddy. Various colors and glazes. Dishwasher safe.


Greeting Cards & Statitonery 


Send a message of appreciation and preservation of our native flora with these cards and stationery.  All are created with images of native trees and plants. Printed on beautiful, textured, recycled paper. Art work by Lana Gits.

$1- $4 with a donation from each purchase going
to New Pioneers


ECO-CLEAN Dishcloths 

 Just in time for holiday shopping, the Eco-Clean dishcloths have been restocked in our Sustainability Store! Hand-knitted by New Pioneers founder Sister McGowan, these cloths are 100% cotton, sturdy, machine washable, and decrease paper towel usage. Each cloth measures 6″ X 7.5″

$15 for set of 3 cloths

$10 for set of 2 cloths

Currently SOLD OUT


Piano Reflections 

Enjoy the instrumental sounds of by Teresa Tedder, local pianist, composer, and Mid-Kentucky Arts conductor. Both CDs, It is Well: Piano Reflections – Hymns of Peace and In Every Age: Piano Reflections – Hymns of Hope, feature arrangements of hymns and songs, both ols and new.

$15 each or 2 for $25, with a donation from each purchase going
to New Pioneers

Gift Certificates

Appropriate for any occasion, gift certificates to the New Pioneers Sustainability Store are thoughtful, good for the planet, and help support our mission.

$5 and up