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Save KY Solar: PSC Administrative Hearing on Net Metering

November 13, 2019 @ 9:00 am

*Net-Metering Needs Your Voice!
Save KY Solar: PSC Administrative Hearing on Net Metering:
Please add your voice in support of net metering by attending the public hearing
9am on Wednesday, November 13th, at the PSC offices, 211 Sower Blvd, Frankfort, KY.

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The following is from the LCAN website: “Kentucky’s electric utility monopolies spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2017 and again in 2018 to try to persuade the state’s General Assembly to kill net-metering* requirements, but were unsuccessful.  However, after the utilities contributed $327,050 to the 2018 re-election campaigns of key legislators, their bill to kill net metering passed during the last hour of the 2019 session.  The key problem with the utility-written bill is it requires the state Public Service Commission to set rates by which customers will be paid for their excess power, but limits the PSC in ways advantageous to the utilities and disadvantageous to customers and the climate.

The bill’s effect could let utilities keep two-thirds of excess power new net-metered customers generate during the day.  Unless new solar customers install batteries, their choices will be to give away part of their investments to their electric utility or limit their system’s output to what they can use instantaneously. Please add your voice in support of net-metering, in any of the ways listed below: 

Consider emphasizing why you believe that to serve the public interests:

1. The PSC must include in its calculations the economic benefits net-metered customers’ solar panels provide to utilities, regional public health and everyone’s climate

2. The utilities must be required to document the costs they claim they incur by accommodating their solar customers”

* “Net-metering” is a program wherein utilities give “solar customers” credit on a 1-to-1 basis for their excess, daytime solar power,
to offset their nighttime power use.  Studies say it’s a good deal for utilities, who sell afternoon power for much more what they nighttime power. Each utility only has to comply until their customers generate 1% of their system’s power demand; none has come close, but they
still want to nip “energy freedom” in the bud.



November 13, 2019
9:00 am
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