After the Fall painting
by Nancye McCrary
Frame by Kim Stacy
Oil on canvas, 44″ x 34”

Nancye McCrary, EdD has exhibited her work throughout the U.S., in Sweden and Japan. Her work has been selected for merit awards by California Arts, as well as San Francisco Open Studios exhibit honors. Dr. McCrary has taught visual art on the elementary, middle, and secondary, levels, as well as several colleges and universities. She has also focused on working with children and youth with disabilities as an art teacher, arts program director and through Very Special Arts in Marin Co., CA. 

Currently McCrary is investigating the aesthetic potential of mixed media collaborative work with master woodworker and stained-glass artist Kim Stacy. After the Fall (2020) is one in a series of collaborations, framed and enhanced by Stacy. It depicts the tensions inherent in our relationship and interactions with water. As fresh water becomes increasingly scarce, climate change is causing catastrophic floods, rising sea levels and disastrous storms. In this piece McCrary brings color and light to falling water while Stacy enhances it with a black walnut and poplar frame, adding a hanging crystal as a single drop of precious water under the fall.     

Nancye McCrary has been a resident of Washington County, Kentucky for over 20 years where she maintains a painting and teaching studio nestled on 43 acres. She can be reached at nmccr@bellsouth.net or (859) 375-4264.  

Kim Stacy, a native of Kentucky who lives in Washington County, is an artisan in wood and a master of her craft. Her work includes numerous homes she has built, which are distinguished by her skillful use of interior woods, Arts & Crafts style furniture, and stained-glass. You can see more of her work on Facebook at: Kim Stacy Custom Design Woodworking