Rose Veal Package
from Our Home Place Meat

Win a custom box of Rose Veal from Our Home Place Meat at The Berry Center! The winner of this package will select a box of choice cuts worth $125. Born, raised and harvested in Henry County, Kentucky, the high-quality meat will be delivered to the winner’s home.

About Rose Veal

Believing that food should reflect local culture, Our Home Place Meat (OHPM) features a culturally relevant product – Rose Veal. Kentucky has more beef cattle than any state east of the Mississippi River. Its rolling landscape lends itself to perennial agriculture of pastures and forage crops.

Rose Veal is the designation for milk fed, grass fed yearling beef calves. The calves are raised specifically for their quality meat. The rose color comes from their muscle development following their mothers around verdant pastures. Their meat is tender and more flavorful than commercial industry veal calves that are taken from their mother at birth, placed in a cage and fed formula.

Processing calves at weaning weight, a central trait of Rose Veal, was the regional tradition before industrial meat production encroached upon livestock farming. Under industrial systems, most calves are sent to distant feedlots where they live in crowded, unsanitary conditions, and are injected with antibiotics, steroids, and growth hormones. In contrast, OHPM livestock is pasture raised and is ASH-free (no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones).

Our Home Place Meat calves are raised 100% on pasture, free to roam, with unlimited access to mother’s milk alongside the herd. By raising their milk-fed, grass-fed calves in a pasture environment, OHMP animals lead a healthy, happy life.

“It all turns on affection,” said Wendell Berry in his famous 2012 Jefferson Lecture. Affection for creatures, for people, and for the planet – that’s
Our Home Place Meat!