Garden Goodies Package
Raised beds by Joe Miller
Cherry Tomato Flat from Creations Beginnings Nursery

The winner of this prize will quickly develop a green thumb, thanks to these handcrafted raised garden beds and a flat of cherry tomato plants to help start your bountiful harvest! 

The stunning pair of raised garden beds were built with cedar lumber by Joe Miller, a talented wood craftsman who lives in Washington County and sells his work locally, including outdoor items like bee traps and birdhouses. He is an avid gardener who grows fruit trees and vegetables of all kinds. Miller also sells starts of many of the plants he grows. Beds measure 6’(l) x 4’(w) x 12”(h). 

Creations Beginnings Nursey will provide the winner with a flat of cherry tomato plants, available any time after April 15 at their Taylorsville site.
Owner George Harnden gets all nursery seeds from local Mennonites and grows the plants in all-natural soil, using only rainwater to water them. Visit Creations  Beginnings Nursery on Facebook to learn more about their plants and fresh produce.