St. Rose….A Beacon in the Night painting
by Betty Brookfield

Oil on canvas, 15” x 30”

After receiving her Master of Fine Arts degree in Memphis and being awarded scholarships to study art in France, England, and Africa, Bettye Brookfield came to St. Catharine College to teach art and bought a 200-year-old home on Bear Wallow in Washington County, Kentucky. She was a vibrant part of the Springfield community for over 20 years, until the college closed and she moved to South Carolina to teach at Coastal Carolina University.

The first time that I saw St. Rose Church from a distance, I was astonished! It looked like the impressive architecture that I saw in my European studies. It became very personal to me, taking my students there to study the beautiful architecture, stained glass, and statuary. I also took time, each week to pray there and light a candle for my family, friends, and community. I chose to paint it as I remember it…a beacon in the night, its spiritual light glowing from the beautiful windows, welcoming and soothing our community…something we need so badly in this turbulent time.                                                                                                      

                                                                                                     – Bettye Brookfield

In this painting, it is Brookfield’s hope that one can feel the love that she shares with the Springfield community and with the promise that New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future has committed to ensure that our community remains a beacon for our children and grandchildren.