New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future is a community non-profit organization founded in Washington County, Kentucky in 2005 to promote sustainable thinking and sustainable development in order to ensure a healthy, safe, and productive future for all.


How do we work?  

Create: partnerships with other organizations, groups, individuals

Educate: website, media, e-communication, social media, study groups, schools

Demonstrate: Green Festival, Farm to Table meals, green homes, curbside recycling, soil, water, air protection, renewable energy sources, “Kentucky’s greenest, most sustainable rural community”

Advocate: local food systems, smart growth, water and energy conservation, green schools, churches, and other buildings

Generate: necessary funding to enable our work

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is:

developing habits of
taking only what we need;
reducing waste and toxins;
thinking of others
present and future;
recognizing that
all beings on earth:
animals and plants,
wind and water,
forests and wetlands,
as well as all humans
belong to a single
interconnected web
on which we
all depend for life

Sustainability is:

choosing to meet
today’s needs
in ways that will give
future generations
the ability
to meet their needs
as well or better

Sustainability is:

a community
working together toward
environmental responsibility, economic vitality,
social cohesiveness,
and spiritual vibrancy
for the sake of those
who will come after them