Mission: New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future is a community non-profit organization founded in Washington County, Kentucky in 2005
to promote 
sustainable thinking and sustainable development in order to ensure a healthy, safe, and productive future for all.

      What we do: 


Website, media, e-communication,
social media 

                    study groups and schools




Annual Green Festival, recycling,
soil, water and air protection,

green homes 

renewable energy




Land conservation projects


Local farmers

Businesses and goverments

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is:

-developing habits of taking only what we need; reducing waste and toxins; thinking of others present and future; recognizing that all beings on earth: animals and plants, wind and water, forests and wetlands, as well as all humans belong to a single interconnected web on which we all depend for life

-choosing to meet today’s needs in ways that will give future generations the ability to meet their needs as well or better

-a community working together toward environmental responsibility, economic vitality, social cohesiveness, and spiritual vibrancy for the sake of those who will come after them.