Join us in helping protect the rights of Kentuckians to own solar by submitting a comment to the Public Service Commission by Thursday, November 12!

Kentucky Power has opened a case with the PSC to change net metering compensation rates, therefore threatening the future of Kentucky’s rooftop solar industry. The current net-metering policy credits solar owners one-to-one for solar electric fed to the grid; so, if a solar array produces one kWh of electricity, the owner’s electric bill can directly reduced by one kWh. In contrast, Kentucky Power’s plan:

  • greatly undervalues excess energy fed to the grid
  • ignores rooftop solar’s role in helping with costly peak demands
  • overlooks other documented benefits of solar to climate and health
  • makes solar less affordable, therefore limiting the ability for solar users to pay off their installations
  • could very well kill the local rooftop solar industry, at a time when good-paying and sustainable jobs are desperately needed

Email your comment to Be sure to:

  • type case number 2020-00174 in your subject line and comment
  • use “now is not the time” language
  • emphasize that utility-scale solar is
  • not enough; affordable rooftop solar is needed too
  • express the need for utility companies to prove that solar net metering is actually having a negative impact on customers before making long-lasting changes to the policy

Feel free to share how you might be impacted personally. You can also utilize additional talking points  for customers living in Kentucky Power’s service territory, or for solar advocates living elsewhere.

Please provide comments to the KY PSC by Thursday, November 12th. For questions, contact the KY Solar Advocacy Network at or (859)242-6435.