As the first step in our Transition 2020 Funding Campaign, New Pioneers has initiated the largest membership drive in our thirteen-year history. Our goal is to add 75 new memberships by the end of April to the current total of 225 memberships and then to keep going from there. Increasing our membership rolls and income are essential for three reasons:

  1. to strengthen our mission of creating a healthy, safe, and productive future for our children and grandchildren through our work of educating, advocating, and demonstrating for sustainability,
  2. to strengthen our financial position so we can continue to grow our capacity, and
  3. to indicate to potential lead donors to the Transition 2020 Campaign the strength of community support for our mission and work.

New Pioneers’ Board and Staff members are getting the ball rolling by each recruiting three new members in the next month. On our website, it is now possible to contribute smaller amounts on a monthly or quarterly basis through our new membership page located here.

Whether you receive a personal invitation or not, there is no better time to become a member of New Pioneers — at whatever level of support best fits your means. If you are already a member, there is no better time to invite your friends, neighbors, or family members with a heart for sustainability to join this unique, innovative, and dynamic organization that makes a difference every day here in rural central Kentucky. We look forward to hearing from you soon! And thank you so much!