Kentucky House Bill 227 is a hostile and shameful attack on the fledgling solar energy industry in Kentucky. The sponsors of the bill have done everything they can to introduce the bill to the committee stealthily to avoid public input from supporters of renewable energy. Working on behalf of the fossil fuel industries, the sponsors are trying to kill off solar by removing the incentives which have enabled Kentuckians to afford solar installations in the first place. This is a backward and shameful move, and all of us need to oppose it as powerfully as we can.

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We all know that solar is one of the primary keys to reducing both electric bills and greenhouse gases, not to mention creating a lot of good jobs in our state. We cannot allow the big fossil fuel and utility industries to get away with using this bill to wipe out our fledgling solar industry.

Call the KY General Assembly Legislative Message Line ASAP (preferably today or tomorrow) and leave a message for your House representative and your Senator (800 372 7181). Tell them to vote NO on HB 227 because it will kill the fledgling solar energy industry in Kentucky, keep our energy costs high, prevent the creation of thousands of good jobs, and keep harming our and the Earth’s health through continuing to burn coal to generate our electricity.