New Pioneers organized and monitors the Springfield Curbside Pickup Recycling program. It began in May 2005 as a partnership between the City of Springfield and the Washington County Department of Solid Waste.


Springfield recycling is collected at curbside every other Thursday except on holidays. If the route is not completed, some areas are picked up on Friday mornings.

Call us for a free bin if you live in Springfield.

IN your Bin! NOT in your bin!

Plastics (Please rinse & REMOVE CAPS)
Milk Jugs
Detergent containers
Soft drink bottles
Margarine, ice cream, medicine containers

Glass (Please rinse & REMOVE CAPS)
Juice bottles
Beverage bottles
Food and Medicine bottles/jars (clear, brown, green, blue)


Metal (Please rinse)
Aluminum drink cans
Food cans (soup, pet food, veg, etc)
Aerosol cans IF completely empty & punctured
Aluminum foil; aluminum pie, cake, roasting pans (IF CLEAN)

NO Motor oil/antifreeze jugs
NO Plastic bags or buckets
NO Styrofoam
NO Plastic packing material

NO Window glass or mirrors
NO Light bulbs
NO Drinking glasses/mugs
NO Pyrex cooking ware
NO Pottery

NO Metal pots and pans
NO Coat hangers
NO Paint cans
NO Batteries


Curbside service is not able to pick up paper. Newspaper, office paper, junk mail, and flattened boxes of all kinds may be dropped off 24/7 at the Regional Recycling Center, 190 West Industry Drive, Springfield.

County residents please drop any of the above materials and paper products at your nearest county recycling collection center (Map to come soon!).

Leftover food and beverage particles in containers attract rodents and insects, making life unpleasent for recycling workers. Thanks for your extra effort to rinse your recyclables! It is fine to leave on their labels.

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