Farmland Preservation


In the fifteen years between 1982 and 1997, the population of the US grew by 17 percent – but the amount of land developed increased by 47%!

Between 1992 and 1997, the United States lost an area of farmland equal to the size of the state of Maryland (6 million acres) to development!

PRIME agricultural land disappeared 30 percent faster than less fertile farmland!

Here in Kentucky, in the same 15 years, we lost almost 600,000 acres of cropland and pasture to development, and of those, almost half (283,000 acres) were PRIME agricultural land.

Kentucky is still losing farmland at the rate of 140 acres per day!


Washington County's prime farmland is a precious treasure. What will we do to ensure the availability of fertile land to future generations of farmers so they will be able to feed our region and state?

New Pioneers Farmland Preservation Committee promotes two programs to help local farm families make the commitment to preserve quality farmland from development:

· Register farmland as a KY Agricultural District - cost-free and simple
Visit and click on Programs

· Donate development rights for significant tax savings
Visit and see  IRS Notice 2007-50

For more information about either of these programs or to volunteer to help promote farmland preservation in central Kentucky, contact us by phone or email.

New Pioneers Farmland Preservation Committee members:

Rick Greenwell
Attorney Susan McCain
Richard Medley
J. Stephen Smith
Joseph Tapp
Martha Young, Chair
Claire McGowan OP


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