Local food producers meet monthly at Springfield City Hall. For more information, contact Sister Claire at 859 336 5070 or email us.

Looking for locally grown food, a special occasion treat, a gift, or the freshest food to freeze or can for the winter?  Call or email a Washington County farmer or crafter!  You’ll be glad you did!

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James Barnett
3584 Mackville Rd
Cell:  859 481 1986  E: barnett622@kyol.net
H:   859 336 5165
Chemical free garden vegetables

Mark & Telena Coslow
483 Polin Road
H:  859 481-1412     E: t.coslow@att.net
Naturally grown fresh vegetables & fruits
Home canned vegetables & fruits

Nick & Vinny Culver
4616 St. Rose Road
H:  270 692 0892     E: NickCulver35@gmail.com

Farm-fresh eggs

Kim Ellingsworth
215 Tucker Rd
H:  270 337 3040     E: none

Naturally grown herbs,produce,blueberries

Gary & Bonnie Hamilton
1514 Blandford Road
H: 859 805 0728      E:  none

Garden vegetables

Graceful Gardens Greenhouse
Crystal Hawkins
1819 Polin Road
H: 859 481 5381      E: sallymally82@yahoo.com

Annual/perennial flower & veg. plants, knockout
roses, hanging baskets

River Run Farm and Pottery
Jonas and Julie Hurley
1814 Thurman Lane
H: 859 336 0749
Web: www.riverrunfarmandpottery.com

Horseshoe Bend Vineyards
Bob, Ann, Greg Karsner
1187 Lawson Lane
H: 859 805 0688     E: abkarsner@att.net

Locally grown and produced wines

Abell Acres Farm
Lillian Kidwell
311 E. Grundy
H: 859 336 7927     E: abellacres@bellsouth.net
C: 859 481 5674Choice ASH-free Angus beef by lb, half, whole

Michelle Moore
430 Mayes Creek Rd
H: 859 262 0153     E: none
C:  859 805 2144
Sweet Corn

Two Shakes Farm
Eileen O’Donohue
514 Cardwell-Tablow Rd
H: 859 366 0201
Web: www.kylamb.com

Rising Sons Beef
Jordan, Jacob, Charlotte Settles
H: 859 262 5166     E: settles.jordan@yahoo.com

Homegrown ASH-free choice beef by lb, 1/2 or whole

Rockaway Farm
Sue Massek
998 Lawson Lane
H: 859 375 4229     E: smassek@bellsouth.net
C: 502 645 7769Summer veggies, esp. Jerusalem artichokes

Smiley’s Berries
Richard & Mollie Medley
63 Cisselville Rd
H:  859 494 0642    E: smileys_strawberries@hotmail.com

Strawberries, strawberry jam

Stone Run Farms
Shannon & Steve Young
697 Texas Loop Rd
C: 859 481 3393      E: None
Web: www.stonerunfarms.comPastured pork, chicken, eggs

St. Catharine Farm
Danny Ray Spalding
2645 Bardstown Rd
St. Catharine
C 859 805 1278      E: stcatharinefarm@att.net

Homegrown ASH-free choice beef, garden veggies,

Dudley & Joseph Tapp
228 Goatley Lane
C: 859 805 1258     E: ontapp@kyol.net

Humanely raised Jersey veal; milk-fed chickens

Mike Vittitow
7160 Bardstown Rd
H: 859 284 0039     E: none


Joy Wandrey
492 Shay Lane
C: 859 481 5760     E: knitnick@gmail.com
Chickens, eggs, handspun yarns,
hand knit hats, salves, lip balm

Mark Wheeler
8384 Mackville Road
C: 859 805 1937     E: none

Eggs, chickens, vegetables, greens, herbs, firewood

Willisburg General Store
89 Chaplin Road
B: 859 375 9266    E: none

Amish veggies, eggs, dairy, bakery prods, deli meats,
bulk foods, etc.

Serano Alpaca Farm
Ron & Judi Allread
1805 Booker Rd
C:  208 699 8570    E: SeranoAlpacas@msn.com

Alpaca yarns, handmade crafts, gift shop coming

Flaggy Meadow Fiberworks
Shawn & Lori Malloy
2110 Mackville Rd
H: 859 336 7272     E: loramalloy@hotmail.com
Web:  www.FlaggyMeadowFiberWorks.com

Alpaca yarns, hats, scarves, socks, bears, etc.

Maple Hill Manor
Todd Allen & Tyler Horton
2941 Perryville Road
B: 859 336 3075     E: None
Web: www.maplehillmanor.comAlpaca products and gifts

Marion Mulligan
552 Nature’s Way
H: 859 336 0807     E: marionmulligan@aol.com

Handmade purses, pillows, hats, heirloom work,
crocheted and knitted products

New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future
127 W Main
W: 859 336 5070     E: NewPioneersSF@aol.com

Rain barrels, knitted dishcloths, alpaca socks

Stacy, Kim
892 Lawson Lane
Willisburg, KY  40078
W:  859 375 2403    E: None
Web: www.KimStacyWoodworking.netHandmade furniture

Rita Yates
335 Loretto Rd
H: 859 805 1494     E: joerita@kywimax.com

Fiber arts: woven, sewn, quilted items