Local Producers

Local food producers meet monthly at Springfield City Hall. For more information, contact Sister Claire at 859 336 5070 or email us.

Washington County Kentucky Farmer's Market

Looking for locally grown food, a special occasion treat, a gift, or the freshest food to freeze or can for the winter?  Call or email a Washington County farmer or crafter!  You’ll be glad you did!

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James Barnett
3584 Mackville Rd
Cell:  859 481 1986  E: barnett622@kyol.net
H:   859 336 5165
Chemical free garden vegetables

Mark & Telena Coslow
483 Polin Road
H:  859 481-1412     E: t.coslow@att.net
Naturally grown fresh vegetables & fruits
Home canned vegetables & fruits

Nick & Vinny Culver
4616 St. Rose Road
H:  270 692 0892     E: NickCulver35@gmail.com

Farm-fresh eggs

Kim Ellingsworth
215 Tucker Rd
H:  270 337 3040     E: none

Naturally grown herbs,produce,blueberries

Gary & Bonnie Hamilton
1514 Blandford Road
H: 859 805 0728      E:  none

Garden vegetables

Graceful Gardens Greenhouse
Crystal Hawkins
1819 Polin Road
H: 859 481 5381      E: sallymally82@yahoo.com

Annual/perennial flower & veg. plants, knockout
roses, hanging baskets

River Run Farm and Pottery
Jonas and Julie Hurley
1814 Thurman Lane
H: 859 336 0749
Web: www.riverrunfarmandpottery.com

Horseshoe Bend Vineyards
Bob, Ann, Greg Karsner
1187 Lawson Lane
H: 859 805 0688     E: abkarsner@att.net

Locally grown and produced wines

Abell Acres Farm
Lillian Kidwell
311 E. Grundy
H: 859 336 7927     E: abellacres@bellsouth.net
C: 859 481 5674Choice ASH-free Angus beef by lb, half, whole

Michelle Moore
430 Mayes Creek Rd
H: 859 262 0153     E: none
C:  859 805 2144
Sweet Corn

Two Shakes Farm
Eileen O’Donohue
514 Cardwell-Tablow Rd
H: 859 366 0201
Web: www.kylamb.com

Rising Sons Beef
Jordan, Jacob, Charlotte Settles
H: 859 262 5166     E: settles.jordan@yahoo.com

Homegrown ASH-free choice beef by lb, 1/2 or whole

Rockaway Farm
Sue Massek
998 Lawson Lane
H: 859 375 4229     E: smassek@bellsouth.net
C: 502 645 7769Summer veggies, esp. Jerusalem artichokes

Smiley’s Berries
Richard & Mollie Medley
63 Cisselville Rd
H:  859 494 0642    E: smileys_strawberries@hotmail.com

Strawberries, strawberry jam

Stone Run Farms
Shannon & Steve Young
697 Texas Loop Rd
C: 859 481 3393      E: None
Web: www.stonerunfarms.comPastured pork, chicken, eggs

St. Catharine Farm
Danny Ray Spalding
2645 Bardstown Rd
St. Catharine
C 859 805 1278      E: stcatharinefarm@att.net

Homegrown ASH-free choice beef, garden veggies,

Dudley & Joseph Tapp
228 Goatley Lane
C: 859 805 1258     E: ontapp@kyol.net

Humanely raised Jersey veal; milk-fed chickens

Mike Vittitow
7160 Bardstown Rd
H: 859 284 0039     E: none


Joy Wandrey
492 Shay Lane
C: 859 481 5760     E: knitnick@gmail.com
Chickens, eggs, handspun yarns,
hand knit hats, salves, lip balm

Mark Wheeler
8384 Mackville Road
C: 859 805 1937     E: none

Eggs, chickens, vegetables, greens, herbs, firewood

Willisburg General Store
89 Chaplin Road
B: 859 375 9266    E: none

Amish veggies, eggs, dairy, bakery prods, deli meats,
bulk foods, etc.

Serano Alpaca Farm
Ron & Judi Allread
1805 Booker Rd
C:  208 699 8570    E: SeranoAlpacas@msn.com

Alpaca yarns, handmade crafts, gift shop coming

Flaggy Meadow Fiberworks
Shawn & Lori Malloy
2110 Mackville Rd
H: 859 336 7272     E: loramalloy@hotmail.com
Web:  www.FlaggyMeadowFiberWorks.com

Alpaca yarns, hats, scarves, socks, bears, etc.

Maple Hill Manor
Todd Allen & Tyler Horton
2941 Perryville Road
B: 859 336 3075     E: None
Web: www.maplehillmanor.com 

Alpaca products and gifts

Marion Mulligan
552 Nature’s Way
H: 859 336 0807     E: marionmulligan@aol.com

Handmade purses, pillows, hats, heirloom work,
crocheted and knitted products

New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future
127 W Main
W: 859 336 5070     E: NewPioneersSF@aol.com

Rain barrels, knitted dishcloths, alpaca socks

Stacy, Kim
892 Lawson Lane
Willisburg, KY  40078
W:  859 375 2403    E: None
Web: www.KimStacyWoodworking.netHandmade furniture

Rita Yates
335 Loretto Rd
H: 859 805 1494     E: joerita@kywimax.com

Fiber arts: woven, sewn, quilted items